Everything You Need to Know About Vakrasana or the Twisted Pose

Vakrasana popularly known as the twisted pose is a very effective asana for reducing fat around the waist and for making the spine flexible. This asana is practiced in a sitting position in which the trunk is twisted on either side. It’s a must recommend for beginners of twisting. All those who find Ardha Matsyendrasana difficult can perform this asana since it has the same benefits.

Vakrasana twisted pose

What is Vakrasana?

The term Vakrasana is derived from two Sanskrit words Vakhra meaning ‘twisted’ and Asana meaning ‘posture’.This asana is a simplified form of Ardhamatsyendrasana. Many people who cannot perform Ardhamatsyendrasana perform Vakrasana and eventually becomes eligible in doing Ardhamatsyendrasana.

How difficult is it?

This asana is not preferred for beginners, but after few minutes of warmth up a beginner can do this since opening and stretching of muscles is very important.


1.Sit on a floor with your legs stretched. Keep your hands on the side.

2.Ben the left feet. Make sure your sole rests on the ground. The right leg should remain straight on the floor.

3.Twist your trunk to left and keep your right hand over your left leg.

4.Keep your right hand on your left toe or hold your left ankle with your right hand. Place your left hand behind your back to give support to your body. Twist your neck towards the left along with your trunk.

5.Breathe normally.Sit in this position for at least 30 seconds. You may also sit for more than 30 seconds depending upon your comfort.

6.Now to release this position, release your hands first and then twist to right. Keep your hands on the floor gently. Lower your left leg gently and let it rest on the floor.

7.Repeat the same procedure with the right side too. Repeat it till you feel comfortable. Don’t be hard to yourself, just do as much as your body permits.

8.After you are done with few rounds, relax in the position of Shavasana.


1.Helps in toning all the organs in the abdomen.

2.It helps in improving digestion and removes constipation.

3.It is also a good asana for the liver.

4.It is good for diabetic patients and helps in the functioning of the pancreas.

5.It is very useful in improving the flexibility of the spine.

6.It removes the fat around the waist.

7.It helps in improving the function of the adrenal glands.

8.It is also helpful in removing back and shoulder pain.

Contraindications /Precautions

1.People with injury to the neck, hips, and shoulders should not do this asana.

2.Those who have recently undergone any abdomen or hip surgery should not perform this asana at all.


1.If you are not able to do the full twist pose then you may carry out the half-twist pose.

2.For better grip or support you may also use a sheet or a cloth and keep it on the floor to perform the asana.

3.If you are not comfortable on the floor, you may carry out this asana while seated on the chair.



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