All You Need to Know About Sukhasana or the Easy Pose

If you are new to yoga then Sukhasana is for you. It’s very simple to do and is also very beneficial for health. This asana gives you the desired comfort and spiritual bliss. Very effective in reducing anxiety, stress, and mental disturbance, this asana corrects the body posture and is a must recommend if you want to make your spine flexible.

Sukhasana benefits

What is Sukhasana?

Sukhasana (Soo-ka ah-SUN-ah) is made up of two Sanskrit words, Sukha meaning ‘easy’ and asana meaning ‘posture’. It is a very simple asana that is generally used for seated meditation. The posture demands strong hip flexibility and back strength for holding the pose for longer minutes.

People with tight hips and those who sit on chairs for longer hours will face some difficulty in doing this asana. Though a short refreshing warm-up before the asana may help in loosening the muscles.

How Difficult is it?

For Beginners


  1. Sit on a smooth floor. People with tight hips are recommended to sit on the folded towels.
  2. Sit in a cross position bringing each foot underneath the opposite knee.
  3. Relax your feet with the edges of the feet touching the floor.
  4. Sit in a neutral position with your hips touching the floor.
  5. Start inhaling and exhaling. On inhale roll your shoulders to the years and on exhale roll your shoulder down the back. This will specifically help in straightening the spine and improving posture.
  6. Get your head over your pelvis and create one long energy line up and down your body.
  7. Lengthen your neck. Bring the chin parallel to the floor and stare gently in front of you.
  8. Release all the muscles in your face, forehead, scalp, and tongue. Relax your face fully and keep the rest of the body active.
  9. The next step is to place your hands on your knees. Palms should be facing down or up as per your convenience.


1.Helps in improving posture

2.Helps in strengthening of back

3.Helps in improving concentration and focus

4.Helps in promoting relaxation


This Asana is not recommended for people with hip or knee injury

Some Variations

1.People with issues in their knees should sit on a block.

2.If you are not a regular mediator or a beginner then you should take support of a wall.

3.If the standing pose is not possible then do the meditation while sitting on the chair

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