Naukasana or the Boat Pose – All You Need to Know About, Benefits, Yoga, Excercise

In this posture, the body takes the shape of a boat. Naukasana can be performed both by leaning on the back as well as on the chest. This asana is preferable for all those who want to reduce belly fat and tone the abs. This asana is a little difficult for beginners but can be performed after a small warm-up.

Naukasana Benefits

What is Naukasana?

Naukasana, generally pronounced as NAUK-AAHS-uh-nuh, is a yoga posture that is named after a boat. The word Naukasana has been derived from the two Sanskrit words Nauka which means ‘boat’ and  Asana which means ‘posture’.


  1. Lie on the floor with your back touching the floor with feet joint and arms beside.
  2. Take a deep breath and as you exhale lift your chest and feet. Stretch your arms towards your feet.
  3. Feel the extreme tension in your navel area due to the contraction of abdominal muscles.
  4. Breath deeply while maintaining the pose.
  5. Now slowly exhale and come back to the ground and relax.


1.Helps in strengthening the back and abdominal muscles.

2.Stretches the arms and legs muscles.

3.Very effective for people with a hernia.


1.This asana is not preferable for people with low blood pressure, headache problems, and migraines. People with some chronic diseases and spinal disorders should also not do this asana.

2.This pose is also not preferred for asthma and heart patients.

3.Also pregnant women should not do this asana and also all women should avoid this asana during the first two days of the menstrual cycle.

Some Variations

1.If you are not comfortable on the floor, you may try this pose on a chair.

2.If you are facing any difficulty in the full boat pose you may do a half boat pose.

3.You may try easy boat pose forearms.

4.While doing the pose if you face any difficulty in holding your feet up for a longer time you can align them to a wall.


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